• A breeding facility the "BIRDS MY–AVIARIES": Steven Desmedt shares his experience with the breeding of Hyacinth Macaws

    By Alena Winner and Steven Desmedt

    Page 190
  • The breeding of Derbyan Parakeets in the Ostrava Zoo

    By Milena Vankova, Ing. Yveta Svobodová

    Page 200
  • Homemade GRIT for parrots – recipe

    By Jiri Mrcek

    Page 207
  • Golden Conures at Loro Parque

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 208
  • Heat, unexpected births and synchronisation of breeding stock at the Loro Parque Fundación

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 210
  • Crimson-bellied Parakeet

    By Petr Blažek

    Page 212
  • TEN questions on longevity – answered by Rosemary Low

    By Rosemary Low

    Page 218
  • Moulting period

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlová

    Page 224
  • Friend and foe: parrot-palm interactions

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 228


  • Who is the organizer of the traditional parrot conventions in Tenerife?

    Page 134
  • A long history of parrot conventions in Tenerife

    Page 140
  • Registration, opening of the Convention and accompanying program 2022

    Page 142
  • Look inside the X. International Parrot Convention lectures

    Page 152
  • The hidden meaning of coffee breaks

    Page 165
  • RAFAEL ZAMORA PADRÓN Scientific director with never-ending passion for birds and their conservation

    Page 168
  • Who is the author of the convention poster?

    Page 175
  • How to register to the XI. International Parrot Convention 2026?

    Page 176


  • Blue-crowned Lorikeets

    Gerhard Hinz

    Page 84
  • Assistance to breeding pairs at Loro Parque Fundación

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 92
  • Breeding Grey Parrots in the North-western Greece

    Kostas Tzimourtas

    Page 94
  • Port Lincoln Parakeet in our aviaries for 160 years

    Achim Lutz

    Page 100
  • Endoparasites – interesting background knowledge and their detection in a faecal sample

    Achim Lutz

    Page 106
  • Splayed legs in parrot chicks – why this happens and how to deal with it

    MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 114
  • Listening for Great Green Macaws and cows

    Dr. David Waugh

    Page 120


  • Chiriquí Conures – enchanting personalities – special issue / 30 pages

    Achim Lutz

    Page 54


  • Conservation breeding of Pfrimer’s Pyrrhura in France

    By David Monroger

    Page 6
  • Encouraging natural behaviours in parrots

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 16
  • Black-cheeked Lovebird mutations

    By Martin Rasek

    Page 18
  • Suspected thyroid problems in an amazon parrot

    By Rosemary Low

    Page 24
  • The importance of probiotics in parrot nutrition

    By MVDr. Veronika Trhonova, Ph.D.

    Page 30
  • Fitobiol – the aid to successful breeding

    By Vladimir Dolezal

    Page 34
  • First captive breeding of the Philippine Cockatoo in Palawan

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 38