• OCEANIA – a new exhibition in Loro Parque

    By Alena Winner & Márcia Weinzettl

    Page 438
  • Parrotlets

    By Achim Lutz

    Page 446

    By Alena Winner

    Page 456
  • Good management to avoid hand-rearing

    By Rosemary Low

    Page 464
  • Tumors in parrots

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 470
  • A closer look at the Red-faced Parrot

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 474


  • Interesting nestbox for Red-headed Lovebirds

    By Henk de Jonge, In Memoriam

    Page 402
  • SWIFT PARROT – experience with breeding in a colony and pairs

    By George Karhan

    Page 406
  • Beginning of the resting period for parrots

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 414
  • Herbs suitable during the parrot weaning period

    By Ing. Jana Jirouskova Kamberska

    Page 416
  • Why is it important to have a post-mortem examination performed on a dead parrot?

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 422
  • The overlooked function of parrots in the dispersal of seeds

    By Dr. David Waugh & Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 426
  • Red-flanked Lorikeets – wonderful little goblins

    By Achim Lutz

    Page 390


  • How can we improve breeding results in Golden-shouldered Parrots

    By Morten Bruun Rasmussen

    Page 342
  • Blue-and-Yellow Macaws – an interesting story

    By Mira Preiss

    Page 351
  • Colony breeding of Sun Conures

    By Zdenek Vandelik

    Page 358
  • Social behaviour in summer – LPF

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 364
  • My dream come true KOKOLO BIRD PARK

    By Ivica Jurilj

    Page 366
  • Hormonal imbalance in parrots

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 374
  • Domestic trafficking networks enmesh the threatened Grey-cheeked Parakeet

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 380


  • Decades in the making "The Return of the Spx’s Macaw to the Skies of the Caatinga"

    By Simon Degenhard

    Page 294
  • Breeding LILACINE Amazons on Réunion Island

    By Petra Pelikánová & Sebastien Borg

    Page 304
  • Plumage maintenance in Parrots – Loro Parque Fundación

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 312
  • The breeding of Orange -fronted Parakeets (Eupsittula canicularis eburnirostrum)

    By Vojtěch Trhoň

    Page 314
  • Beneficial BERRIES

    By Rosemary Low

    Page 322
  • Causes of dry skin in parrots risks and possible solutions

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 326
  • Artificial nests and habitat restoration help endangered Carnaby‘s Cockatoos

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 332


  • Anak Burung Tropikana Marcel Kohout on his bird farm in Bali

    Alena Winner & Marcel Kohout

    Page 254
  • Successful breeding of Red-fan Parrots,

    Anil Garg

    Page 262
  • Strenghening our parrots in Loro Parque Fundación

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 266
  • Grey-headed Lovebird

    Dirk van den Abeele

    Page 268
  • Red-breasted Parakeet – successful breeding of a blue mutation

    Antonin Zeleny

    Page 274
  • Fats in parrot nutrition

    MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 280
  • New protected area for the critically endangered Lilacine Amazon

    Dr. David Waugh

    Page 284


  • GÜNTER BALLON on Amazon Parrots and their fascinating colours

    By Alena Winner & Günter Ballon

    Page 204
  • The first leaps out of the nest at the Loro Parque Fundación

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 212
  • Orange-chinned Parakeets at the Del Istmo Conservation Center

    By Alena Winner & Jacobo Lacs

    Page 214
  • Thermal comfort for parrots

    By MVDr. Veronika Trhonova & Ing. Vojtech Trhon

    Page 226
  • Why teflon is harmful FYNBOS for parrots

    By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 232
  • Ostheosyntesis in Red-fronted Macaw

    By MVC. Pavol Kováčik & MVC. Klaudia Mičeková

    Page 236
  • Fires and poisoning in the Pantanal: Hyacinth Macaws slow to recover

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 242


  • ROSEMARY LOW First lady of aviculture and parrot conservation


    Page 156
  • Sun Conures: a challenge to save the species

    Rosemary Low

    Page 162
  • Vernal Hanging-Parrot

    Dr. Slobodan Ivič

    Page 168
  • The time of incubation and hatchings

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 172
  • 9 questions for Helmut Sedlmeier on feeding Galahs


    Page 176
  • Easy way of feeding Lories & Lorikeets

    Jordan Lewis

    Page 180
  • Breeding facility from PUR PANELS

    Antonin Zeleny & son

    Page 182
  • Breathing problems in parrots

    MVDr. Viktor Tukac

    Page 188
  • Big game permitting, the Black-cheeked Lovebird conservation project continues

    Dr. David Waugh

    Page 192


  • Breeder’s profile RUSLAN BRYZHAK: My breeding stock and parrot breeding in Ukraine

    By Marta Bryzhak, Alena Winner & Ruslan Bryzhak

    Page 108
  • Care at the start of the breeding season LORO PARQUE FUNDACIÓN

    By Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 112
  • Great Green Macaw – EGG PROTECTION BATTLE

    By Tomas Zabystrzan

    Page 116
  • My breeding of the Damarland Meyer’s Parrots

    By Rinus van den Broek

    Page 124
  • JORDAN LEWIS: my passion for breeding lories & lorikeets & their mutations

    By Alena Winner & Jordan Lewis

    Page 130
  • Questionnaire – is it possible to prevent self-mutilation?

    By Damian Dunemann, Klaus Sietas & Garry Stack

    Page 141
  • Innovation and tool use of wild and captive Goffin’s Cockatoos

    By Dr. David Waugh

    Page 144


  • Experience with hand-feeding the Orange-winged Amazon

    Petra Pelikanova

    Page 52
  • Poicephalus meyeri subspecies

    Rinus van den Broek

    Page 60
  • Our passion for breeding the Pyrrhura genus Parakeets

    Sigrid and Gerhard Schmidt

    Page 72
  • Avoiding infertile eggs

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 78
  • Nutrition is instrumental in achieving shiny plumage

    MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 80
  • Coconuts for parrots

    Alena Winner & Jaco Lacs

    Page 86
  • Goffin´s Cockatoos in Tanimbar: between field and forest

    Dr. David Waugh

    Page 98


  • Experience with the breeding of Black- winged Lories in Bali and Czechia

    Marcel Kohout

    Page 4
  • Successful breeding of Blue-headed Macaws in Košice Zoo

    Milena Vankova, Alena Cicmancova

    Page 12
  • Pairing & pre-breeding in Loro Parque Fundación

    Rafael Zamora Padrón

    Page 18
  • Splayed legs

    MVDr. Helena Vaidlova

    Page 20
  • Back to basics in genus Agapornis, Part 3. – PASTEL

    Dirk Van den Abeele

    Page 26
  • Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica

    MVDr. Veronika Trhoňová, Ph.D., Vojtech Trhon

    Page 32
  • Conserving the El Oro Parakeet and other psittacines in southern Ecuador Macaws in Costa Rica

    Dr. David Waugh

    Page 40