Rafael Zamora Padrón

Scientific Director of the Loro Parque Fundación
A biologist with a specialization in Zoology
Rafael Zamora Padrón has been a breeder and later a prominent ornithologist who has always been committed to conservation. His career started with an apprenticeship as a veterinary assistant and he became acquainted with the clinical environment of various veterinarian hospitals, where he developed good work as a microbiologist. In parallel, and after his research about ethology and reproduction of European and exotic birds in controlled environments, he finished his studies in biology with a focus on Zoology, Botany, and Parasitology.

At that time he developed his own breeding laboratory with about 500 birds with included a long list of different species of granivorous and insectivores. He obtained a grant within the agreement between the University of La Laguna in Tenerife and the Loro Parque Fundación in order to investigate the behavior of the Spix´s Macaw. After more than three years of intensive research about the ethology of this emblematic macaw extinct in nature, he became a staff member of Loro Parque recognized as the Nº1 Zoo in Europe and the second of the world according to TripAdvisor and in Loro Parque Fundación the largest genetic reserve of parrots of the world where work with more than 3.700 parrots of 350 species and subspecies.

Rafael has successfully reproduced emblematic endangered species such as Lear´s or Spix´s macaws but always giving equal importance to more known species that are equally important in the world of conservation. Rafael Zamora is the author of various documentary scripts and a consultant in radio and television broadcast. He always maintains his promise to respect fauna in the wild and in captivity.

Today he is also advisor, through Loro Parque Fundación, for numerous private zoological institutions in Europe, South America, and Asia. He presents his knowledge and experience in conferences, workshops, conventions, and seminars around the world, and regularly writes publications in this field. Now as scientific director of Loro Parque Fundación he works hard to unify both fields: Reproduction in controlled environments and conservation of species at all levels.

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