The importance of environmental enrichment in young parrots

Author: Rafael Zamora Padrón

Photos by: Rafael Zamora Padrón/LPF

Published: 21.05.2021



When the chicks of the different species of parrots begin to eat on their own, a very important phase for the development of the bird begins. This phase will determine the good health and behavior of the animal during the rest of its life.


If they are raised by the parents, it is a period that for a time, is traumatic because they will have to get the food in a different way. And for that, they must learn, from their environment, from their own parents and even for themselves. Their bodies will recognize moments in which the priority is to get food. And the management conditions in that time should be broad and full of stimuli.



Otherwise, they may acquire unwanted behaviors, such as spoiling the pens of their mates, of themselves, or focusing the work of their beaks on specific elements of the available furnitures in a pernicious way.


For this reason, the contribution of environmental enrichment is very important during growth, especially when they are already able to ingest food and have time available to perform other tasks. In the case of cockatoos, fresh eucalyptus branches are very well received by animals that train their skills with this material, which on the other hand gives them other discrete nutritional benefits.


Rafael Zamora Padrón

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