Growth in the first months is fundamental in parrots

Author: Rafael Zamora Padrón

Published: 14.05.2021



When the young parrots are already independent of their parents, a very important stage for their body begins. It is the time in which they develop their social and motor skills.


Red-fronted Macaw (Ara rubrogenys). Foto (c): Rafael Zamora Padrón/LPF


Their bodies are growing, and it is very important that they can develop it to the maximum to enjoy good health the rest of their lives.


In Loro Parque Fundación, we pay close attention to this stage, because we must favor the conditions that allow the flight to the specimens but also the development of all their muscles. The unstable or tilting perches make the animals active and have their balance develop.


Movable perches are very suitable for proper and healthy development.
Foto (c): Rafael Zamora Padrón/LPF


These moderate exercises favor the appetite in the parrots and they will consume all the food that is offered, thus achieving a good growth.


We must not forget that parrots that doing regular exercise and are active, can better and faster overcome different stages of growth, including the change of feathers.





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