Aviaries for African parrots in Loro Parque

Author: Rafael Zamora Padrón

Photos by: M. Pérez/LPF

Published: 11.06.2021



In Loro Parque we have inaugurated facilities with an incredible panoramic view for the parrots of Africa. Species of great interest to see the differences between the native species of this continent that have evolved in similar ways but with particular characteristics.


African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus). 


Three ecosystems can be contemplated, with the African grey parrots as important protagonists, which are near to an adjacent section where are the “Poicephalus” with their marked colors that in flight showing how attractive they are with open wings.


Near the space dedicated to the ring-tailed lemurs from Madagascar there is also aviaries that are part of this exhibition where several species of lovebirds, the Agapornis, show their different behaviors, being one of the most popular species recognized by the visitors.



Rüppell's parrot (Poicephalus rueppellii)


Meyer's parrot (Poicephalus meyeri)



The wide vision offered by these facilities at various times of the day, depending on the incidence of light, gives the feeling that there is no mesh between the parrots and visitors. Since it becomes invisible in front of the eyes of the observer, resulting in an impressive experience.


The concept of presentation in these open spaces gives a new dimension to the didactic aspect, since thanks to the educational sings, the visitors can learn the peculiarities of each African parrot. The habitat created for this area includes some coffee plants and typical trees of the south of this continent, which will eventually become a unique environment.



Rafael Zamora Padrón

Scientific Director of the Loro Parque FundaciónA biologist with a specialization in Zoology Rafael Zamora Padrón has been a breeder and later a prominent ornithologist who has always been committed to conservation. His career started with an a...

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